Chicken drumstick in oven-chicken drumsticks and baked potato

Chicken drumstick can be prepared in many ways.

chicken with potatoes

Frying, grilling, cooking, baking, … etc. Some say that the chicken is not very healthy to eat, others say it is dry and smells of concentrate. But you should choose the chicken in places where it is sold a sold fresh drumsticks, wings, liver with hearts, and etc.  Such as the butchers within the market.
Despite the fact that the chicken is used almost in every cooked meal (soup, white soup), the most common relief of everything is to prepare the chicken after work, for lunch or dinner, mainly as a chicken drumstick in the oven .
The easiest and simplest method to bake a chicken in the oven
Chicken Drumsticks with Potatoes
Chicken drumsticks are prepared relatively easily, and because of the very structure of chicken meat are often succulent, tasty and with baked potatoes make a little surprise to your stomach!  With potatoes, green salad and a drink … you will enjoy the specialty of the local cuisine!
Recipe for two chicken thighs with potatoes
First perforate the drumsticks (pierce them and make holes in, using a fork or sharp knife) in several places, so that you can nicely spice the white – dry meat. Followed by marinating in a deeper bowl, a marinade should look like this:
1 large glass of brandy of oil (oil) / 0.5 = 50 grams
1 the same kind of cup olive oil / 0.5 = 50 grams
1 cup sour cream – My cow than 12% fat
1 cup mayonnaise
1 tablespoon Vegeta
1 tablespoon Kari seasoning powder (1 tsp cayenne + soy sauce 1 tablespoon is a good replacement). More about Kari spice, look at the bottom of the recipe.
1 tablespoon mustard – hot mustard for a spicy drumsticks, and sweet mustard for gourmets who do not like spicy.
1 teaspoon of powder mixture of 4 kinds of pepper (black, red, green and white). Or you can use the plain black powder.
1 tablespoon of tomato sauce or ketchup – the sweet gives better taste to the drumsticks.
1 smallish glass of beer.

In a bowl, mix all these spices so that you can obtain a compact and aromatic mass. The drumsticks you have drilled rub well with the spice … then leave the drumsticks for two – three hours in a bowl with spice. Flip the drumsticks on every half an hour and pour the spice so that the meat can easily absorb it.
How to make baked potatoes?
chicken with potatoes

Each potato can and should be very delicious and very easy to prepare. You can prepare a great meal if you cook the potatoes like this:
The secret is out – Baking potatoes are prepared in the same way as the potato salad, except that you don’t add vinegar!
chicken with potatoes
Peel the potatoes (larger potatoes 3-4) and put to cook (about 15 minutes). Make sure the cooked potatoes do not disintegrate, and make sure the potato is firm on the outside and soft when you stab with a fork. Drain the potatoes well, then put it in a bowl in which you have spiced it up. Pour one cup of oil (1 small brown cup of sunflower oil) through such a drained potato pieces, stir nicely and then add spices (Cayenne pepper seasoning) over the potatoes, 1 teaspoon, 1 tablespoon of tomato sauce or ketchup, a little pepper, and stir again all.  Chop the red onion (1 head) and put through the potato. Stir everything a few more times within a 10 – minute and the potatoes are ready for the baking dish and for the oven!
Put the chicken drumsticks in a baking pan.  Fill the middle and wherever there is emptiness in the drumsticks with baking potatoes, distribute nicely and put the onion, so that it can be placed in between, and of course pour the rest of the sauce over the drumsticks and potatoes.

chicken with potatoes

chicken with potatoes
Heat the oven at 220 C and after 10 min insert baking dish with drumsticks and potatoes.
For about 90 minutes (about an hour and a half) the drumsticks and baked potatoes well baked Do not let your drumsticks to be overcooked or the potatoes to be over dried. Periodically check baking progresses using a fork and regulate the temperature as needed. Drumsticks should be a nice golden brown as well as the potatoes, and the onion will practically melt and combine with the chicken drumsticks and there is not much time to wait!
With chicken drumsticks we recommend that you:
1. Buckwheat-flour cake
2. Wine, whatever you have – or a spritzer! Beer for beer lovers and opponents of GMO food or spring water.
3. Toothpicks are not necessary.
Note and recommendations: In most recipes on the Internet, you can see that the it is required to add a rosemary to spice the chicken. Rosemary is an excellent spice, but we advise that in this case do not use it in the preparation of the chicken drumsticks with due to certain aromas and tastes that are able to reduce the overall subjective feeling and appetite. If you really want and love rosemary, then add it a very small amount when marinating.