Good old-fashioned American Pancakes Recipe

How to Make Perfect American Pancakes

Good old-fashioned American Pancakes recipe. Pancakes are one of the favorite desserts and very easy to make. When you make perfect pancakes, it is important to choose the amount of the necessary ingredients according to the number of people you are going to make pancakes for.

In this article, we are going to present you two good old-fashioned pancakes recipe(one for 2 people, and one for 4 people).


Good old-fashioned american pancakes recipe for 2 people:

Needed ingredients:
About 5 oz. of flour
About 0.4 cups oil
About 0.8 cups milk
2 eggs
1 teaspoon sugar


Good old-fashioned American pancakes recipe for 4 people:

Needed ingredients:
About 8 oz. of flour
About 0.6 cups oil
About 1.2 cups milk
4 eggs
1 teaspoon sugar


Way of preparation:

Take a small and deeper pot. Crack the eggs and pour them into the pot.
Give them a little whisk, then pour the flour and add the milk. Continue to whisk the mixture to prevent them petrified, and not to create a lump.


If the dough is still tough, add some milk or lukewarm water and continue to whisk.
Keep whisking the dough, it needs to be thick and lump free. (to prevent sticking).

Then, add some milk or water until the mixture can be easily tipped over by the pan.


When the mixture is nicely scrambled, add some oil and mix well.


Leave the dough to sit for about 15-20 minutes.


During this time, add some oil in the pan, so that it spills out nicely over the entire surface. Determine the proper measure, make sure you didn’t pour a little oil because the pancakes will stick, but also make sure you didn’t pour too much oil because the pancakes will be too greasy.


Bring the pan to the oven and heat it a little bit. Then, use a ladle to pour the dough, so that it is evenly spilled all over the pan.
Let it stay for about 1 minute and then flip.When you bake the other side, remove the pancake and place it on a clean plate.


At the end, fill your pancakes according to your preferences. We suggest you the following ingredients: cream, walnuts, ground plasma, jam, and powdered sugar.


Note: You can put the leftover mixture for pancakes in your fridge and use the following day if necessary.


Useful tricks:

If you want your pancakes to be more delicious, use warm milk and lukewarm water instead of cold.
Pancakes will be more delicious and softer if you add some apple cider vinegar.