Tricks against excessive sweating

Tricks against excessive sweating
excessive sweating

Tricks against excessive sweating

Even though sweating is an embarrassing topic to discuss, still it is popular, especially during the summertime. Excessive sweating is great and physical, but also an emotional problem among people.

People, apart from taking regular showers, they also change their clothes too often, using antiperspirants, lotions, deodorants. Sweat can also be controlled with completely natural ingredients, such as the essential oils of geranium, cypress, and black cumin.

Black cumin oil has also a beneficial effect against bacterial and fungal diseases. Apply a thin layer of the geranium oil on your skin and let it absorbs. The feeling of freshness will follow throughout the whole day.

Another helpful ingredient is the sage tea, since its oils, resin and tannin, have a strong effect against the excessive sweating. It is recommended to drink 1 l tea daily, for 2 weeks. You can find essential oils in the herbal pharmacies.

Unhealthy diet can also cause excessive sweating. Avoid fried and spicy foods, cold drinks; limit the consumption of alcohol, coffee, and nicotine. It is very important to compensate the fluid loss due to sweat, and the best way to achieve that is by drinking lukewarm water.

Wash your skin with water and soap before applying a deodorant. Avoid deodorants containing triclosan (a type of pesticide).

You can reduce the excessive sweat by applying a wet cloth dipped in vinegar, once or twice a week, after showering.
Vinegar is good for removing traces of sweat clothes, and you can also use a citric acid or baking powder.

If you experience excessive head and face sweating, you can use nut extract or aloe Vera tonic. Wet wipes can also help.

“If you sweat a lot when you’re in a pressured situation, you can consider seeing a doctor who may decide to transcribe
oral medications that can help reduce your sweating in these types of situations or recommend other treatment options.