10 Power Foods for Strong Immune System

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10 Power Foods for Strong Immune System
10 Power Foods for Strong Immune System

Having a strong immune system is of a great importance for our overall health. One once said that a clean, well-oiled machine works well, and you probably ask yourself how this applies to health. Well, the human body is a perfect, highly complex and finely tuned electro-biochemical machine that can defend itself against the pathogenic organisms and any foreign substances penetrating our bodies.

So, the nature of our bodies is to be a healthy, well-functioning biological machine, meaning, to be free of toxic molecules and abundant in the right nutritional molecules.But if our defense really attacked it is possible that it is required a”contribution” which foods naturally provide us in order to strengthen immunity.

Here are the best 10 foods that our body needs to fight against diseases and provide a strong immune system.

Citrus fruits: Oranges, grapefruit, and lemons are rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant, ideal for the proper functioning of our immune system.

Wild Fruits: Minerals, flavonoids and vitamins in large quantities and powerful antibacterial properties. For a perfect digestion always consume them in large quantities.

Chocolate: Of course we talk about dark chocolate as its cocoa content in large quantities makes it possible to stimulate T-helper cells, the lymphocytes which are responsible for the regulation of antibody production.

Pollen: Proteins and vitamins in a pure state; carbohydrates and mineral salts have the ability to provide energy. Pollen also contains fibers that restore bacterial flora, useful when we are forced to take antibiotics

Garlic: It contains a molecule that is able to block the enzyme causing bacterial infection. Garlic is also good for stimulating the activity of white blood cells.

Echinacea: May increase resistance to bacterial infection of the respiratory and urinary tract. You can prevent flu, colds, sinusitis, bronchitis.

Mackerel: Prevalence of vitamin D can provide a strong immune system.

Algae: Vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help the immune system. Spirulina stimulates the activity of lymphocytes, chlorella helps the prevention of bacterial infection.

Probiotics: Microorganisms that help balance the intestinal flora, responsible for proper functioning of the intestine. Intestinal flora can be weakened by a series of situations, including the use of antibiotics, digestive problems, stress, birth control pills, as well as poor diet. Probiotic foods, especially dairy products, enriched with these bacteria that are able to restore the intestinal flora.

Wheat germ: Vitamin E can maintain and provide a strong immune system.

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