4 Tips for Strong, Shiny & Healthy Hair

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4 Tips for Strong, Shiny & Healthy Hair

4 Tips for Strong, Shiny & Healthy Hair


Having a strong, shiny and healthy hair requires a dedication. If you are among those who experience breakage, split ends, and dryness, read this article to find out how to revitalize your hair in 4 simple steps:


1. Vitamins

By boosting your diet with nutritional supplements you will supply your hair with the needed, like B vitamins, which it will make it stronger. Start eating hair-strengthening foods such as such as oily fish, liver, and eggs.


2. Massage

By gently massaging your hair while washing it, you will stimulate the circulation (which slows down with age) and also strength your hair.


4 Steps to do a Hair Massage at Home:

Tilt your head forward and down

Warm the nape of the neck with your hand to stimulate blood circulation to this area

Massage from the nape upward to enhance circulation

Brush your hair with your head tilted forward and down to encourage blood circulation.


3. Protection

Heat is the enemy of hair, so avoid showering with too hot water to prevent hair roots damaging. Luckily, there are many products you can use to shield your hair from styling tool, such as Pantene’s heat protectants for fine hair and normal to thick hair. Try variant to alternate between warm and cool water to stimulate circulation. Always rinse your hair with cold water.


4. Moisture

Your hair, as well as your skin, needs moisturize. Pantene’s Repair & Protect line formula enriched with micro-nutrients makes it ideal for moisturizing normal hair. If you have fine hair, the best way for your hair to absorb the nutrients and to be light and bouncy, try using the Pantene’s Aqua Light conditioner, before using your shampoo, to moisturize your hair without weighing it down.


Other tips for upgrade hair strength:

Do not use too tight or too thin hair elastics.

Avoid using a hair-dryer and let your hair dry naturally. But, if you have to use it one, keep a right distance and temperature to lower the damage.

Do not rub your hair with a towel, gently press out the water.

Wet hair is more sensitive and fragile, detangle your hair by using a wide-toothed comb.

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