Make Nails Stronger – Grow Nails Faster – Healthy Looking Nails : Top 7 Foods

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 Make Nails Stronger - Grow Nails Faster - Healthy Looking Nails : Top 7 Foods


Make Nails Stronger – Grow Nails Faster – Healthy Looking Nails : Top 7 Foods


Subtle changes in the color or texture of your nails is an indicator of nutritional deficiency. Read this article to find out the vital importance of providing your nails with strength and length.


The Top 7 Foods For Strong Healthy Nail 


1. Strengthen your nail with pumpkin seeds

Apart from being tasty, pumpkin seeds are packed with nail friendly mineral called zinc. A zinc deficiency is the major cause why nail are weak or break easily, and can also be the cause of white spots. Eat a handful of pumpkin seeds daily.


2. Banish dry nail with oily fish

Dry, brittle nail is an indicator of omega-3 oil deficiency. These oils have the ability to moisturize and lubricate your nail base. Oily fish is the richest source of omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, you should eat 2-3 portions a week of tuna, wild salmon, anchovies, fresh mackerel, herring or sardines.


3. Grow your nail with eggs

Biotin plays a vital role in nail health – with egg yolks being the richest source. This B vitamin is absorbs in the core of the nail, thicken the nail and stimulate growth.


4. Shape your nail with spinach

Iron deficiency is the leading cause why you are experiencing brittle or spoon shape nail. Increase your iron intake with a daily dose of spinach.


5. Build your nail with protein

Nails are made of a tough protein known as a keratin. A diet lacking in protein means that nail formation is prevented due to insufficient building blocks for nails formation. Include rich protein food in each meal and snack; fish, yogurt, meat, beans, pulses, tempeh, tofu, nuts & seeds.


6. Enhance nail quality with Horsetail tea

Silica, an often forgotten mineral, found in the oldest plant on the planet called horsetail, is essential for improving nail quality by stimulating the circulation and allowing vital nutrients to reach the nail bed.
Try a low-caloric Snack instead of coffee in the morning.


7. Condition your nail with almond oil

Almond oil acts as a conditioner when applied topically thanks to its richness in vitamin B.
Applying almond oil to your nails and massaging a drop of the oil into the cuticle and base of the nail will increment circulation and stimulate nail growth.

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