How To Survive A Heart Attack If You’re Alone

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How To Survive A Heart Attack If You're Alone No one is planning a disease, much less a sudden heart attack, it is known that cardiac arrest if is not treated in

time and effectively could have a fatal outcome.


First, you must identify the symptoms so that you’re prepared


Sudden weakness or fatigue.

Chest pain.

Body aches and flu-like symptoms.

Discomfort in the left arm, jaw, back or stomach.

Dizziness and cold sweats.


To survive a heart attack, you only have to do this


How To Survive A Heart Attack If You're Alone



1. Chewing aspirin: Take aspirin and swallow it as soon as possible, this pill has as main characteristic lose
some weight and help blood circulate more efficiently, believe me, you will give a respite to the heart.


2. Stay calm: When we feel threatened by anything, we lose our heads and go crazy for a few moments, if

you do it before a possible cardiac arrest, only will accelerate the process and avoid help arrives on time.


A more stress, more pressure, faster heart function will collapse, if you could wait 90 minutes, if you get

hysterical, you will have under 15 minutes.


3. The dry cough is a myth: Some time ago circle on the network, that before a heart attack, will you help this
to work if you will propitiate dry cough, that is false, only you increase your stress, and is likely to stop
function block.


4: Ask for a taxi or ambulance: Under no circumstances attempt to drive, if you think you got to focus, take
your phone calls a taxi or ambulance comes first and do not drive. The body does not react as commonly,
simply can not.


5. Lie on your back as they arrive: This posture with your feet slightly above will help you relax, the heart work
better than the area being pressing. You will receive more oxygen, and the heart will feel at ease to regain
normal strength.


6. Nothing liquid or food: If you ingest something could spoil the work of professionals when they are care of
you . Only aspirin can help and that is swallowed without water, you chew.


With these recommendations you can expect be alive while medical care arrives. Share this information could
save the life of your loved one.




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