Super Simple Tuna Pie Recipe For A Quick Dinner

Super Simple Tuna Pie Recipe For A Quick Dinner

Super simple end easy tuna pie recipe for a quick dinner. From one day to another is more relaxed and cold is better to eat than hot.



2 servings

bought pie dough made

1/2 red pepper

1 not very large green pepper

1 Midianite onion

1 egg

1 tiny egg to paint the dough

2 cans tuna in tomato


1. We cut to small pieces all the vegetables.

2. In a frying pan with olive oil fry the onion a little.

3. We add the peppers and fry until we see that is the point. I think that point is the taste of the consumer.

4. Add the tuna and egg. Mix well so that the flavors mix well.

5. We divide the dough into two pieces, with the top a little smaller.

6. Add the dough and put the cover up that we have had. We combine good tips and punctured with the tip of a knife in the center of the top.

7. We painted with egg and bake at 170 ° until golden brown take and see the pastry is cooked.

8. Remove and let cool.


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