Perfect Apple Pie recipe by Grandma

Perfect Apple Pie recipe by Grandma

Traditional very tasty and easy dessert to make! My grandma make it perfect apple pie almost 40 years, is always delicious.

Here’s is apple pie recipe that is simple and quick to make.



4 servings

20 minutes

2 Mass of equal puff pastry

2 Apples


1 lemon (juice)


1 egg


Perfect Apple Pie recipe by Grandma


Preheat oven to 200 ° C and prepared on the baking sheet puff pastry on baking paper appropriate.


Peel the two apples and cut into slices about one or two millimeters thick.


In a bowl add the juice of a lemon, two or three tablespoons of sugar and cinnamon to taste to form a paste. In that bowl, we incorporate the laminated block that will soak thoroughly mix we have done.


The next step is to place uniformly throughout the puff pastry apples, covering the whole surface and leaving a margin of 1 cm on each side to give the edge.


If once we have plenty placed apple fondant, lemon, and cinnamon, it is above the cast to not waste drop.


Then we put the other dough on the first, either square and close the pie by folding the edge.


We beat an egg and a brush paint the top layer of dough generously. Then we add sugar to the surface, forming a crust.


Finally, we holed a fork the dough and make it a bigger hole in the center to breathe. We put it in the oven until well-browned pastry. Let it cool, and pie is ready for dessert!

Perfect Apple Pie recipe by Grandma

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