5 Foods that Decrease the Risk of Cancer – Stop Your Cancer Risk

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How to prevent cancer with food

5 Foods that Decrease the Risk of Cancer –┬áCancer Fighting Foods

Foods that decrease the risk of cancer: Cancer is one of the most dangerous and life-threatening diseases of many people.

Preventing cancer from us is in our hands and this thanks to the food we have.

So in this article, we will recommend you a total of 5 foods that you should eat frequently, as these will be responsible for killing the cancer cells in our body.

Some of them probably already eat them, but others did not know them. So do not hesitate anymore and keep reading this interesting article so you know.

Foods that Decrease the Risk of Cancer – Best Anti-Cancer Food

The list of foods that we are going to share in this article, were subjected to studies, which revealed that they attack the blood fluid towards the malignant cell, preventing the growth of cancer cells, consequently, the cancer dies.

Red tomatoes

This is a powerful food. Research conducted at Harvard University announce that men who ingested their meals tomato sauce at least more than four times in thirty days decreased the risk of getting prostate cancer was only 50%. Which is the reason? This is because the tomato is composed of a chemical responsible for providing the red color of fruits and vegetables, it is a natural fruit, and it contains no fat that is why it is absorbed in the stomach without problems. It is also rich in vitamin C.


It is a wonderful food and excellent fat burner; it is responsible for increasing our healthy life.
With only 4 tablespoons ends with problems of blood pressure, clogged arteries AND MORE!!!

Red wine

This drink besides being rich contains abundant antioxidants that are in charge of diminishing the danger of contracting cancer. It is a cancer paralyzer, it eliminates microbes, toxins and fungi, increases the energy of cells, eliminates dangerous cells, grows glucose tolerance in people with diabetes, avoids cardiovascular problems, repairs DNA, takes care of any damage Can exist because of nuclear radiation, and lastly it increases the mood.

Green tea and coffee

The drinks most consumed by people daily and are powerful to fight cancer. They are composed of a set of antioxidants, especially polyphenols, which are responsible for preventing the appearance of cancer cells.

Blueberries and raspberries

These foods when consumed reduce the risk of cancer, as they are able to decrease stress with imbalance and slow angiogenesis. Predict women from having ovarian cancer.

So from now on include these foods within your daily diet and decrease the risk of cancer.

5 Foods that Decrease the Risk of Cancer - Stop Your Cancer Risk Source:universonatural

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