No-bake vegan dessert – 10 minutes oatmeal cookie balls

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Easy no-bake vegan dessert

No-bake vegan dessert: I love to cook those raw oatmeal cookie balls because they are healthy and quick vegan dessert, I just need only 10 minutes to make them.


Delicious raw vegan dessert the Oatmeal cookie balls:



For 20 units

3 cups cashew nuts * raw
1 cup oats
10 spoonful’s of jam
2 tablespoon vanilla extract



Place the cashews and oats together in a blender and mix at max speed for 2 minute

Relocate to a medium bowl. Then add the jams, and the vanilla; Mix radically.

Make 18 to 20 equal balls and serve.

It can be kept in a container in the refrigerator for 3-5 days.


Incorporate cocoa or chopped vegan chocolate it can get you different sweet balls.

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