Red Bananas – Health benefits, facts & reasons why to eat red bananas

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 Red Bananas

Red bananas come from Costa Rica and they are smaller than regular yellow bananas. They are eaten the same as ordinary bananas, it also has an excellent flavor when used in cakes or other baked specialties. I could also be eaten fried or roasted. The best way to eat red bananas is raw.

Red bananas nutrition and top benefits for our health – 6 reasons to eat red bananas instead of yellow

1. Boost the immune system

A red banana is rich in both beta-carotene and vitamin C; those antioxidants help as to boost our immune system.
One red banana fills out 15 % of the body’s daily needs of Vitamin C.

2. Rich in fiber

Red banana is rich in fiber, also is an excellent choice if you have digestive problems. Fiber helps to make better function of the entire digestive tract.


3. Improves vision

Rich in vitamin A which is good for our vision.


4. Good for high blood pressure

A red banana is also good for your heart, because is rich in potassium, lowers high blood pressure prevents heart attacks, heart disease and strokes. Red banana provided 20% of the daily needs of vitamin D.

5. Good for anemia

Rich in iron that helps our body to produce hemoglobin, also they are rich in vitamin B-6.

6. Boost metabolism and helps with depression

A red banana is rich source of vitamin B-6 which help as to boost our metabolism, also helps to our emotional health

Because Vitamin B-6 helps the body to transform tryptophan into serotonin the hormone of “happiness”.


Proteins 1 Gr.

Iron 0.26 Mg.

Vitamins A, B6, C and E

Calories 89 Kcal.

Carbohydrates 3 Gr.

Fiber 2.6 Gr.

Calcium 5 Mg.

Enjoy the taste of these red bananas by putting in your daily diet and improve your health.

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