Vegan alcohol – Which alcoholic drinks are vegan

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Vegan alcohol

Vegan alcohol : The most of the alcoholic drinks are made with animal products; to be sure you’re drinking the vegan alcohol, check the vegan-friendly alcohol list of some popular brands:

Vegan-friendly alcoholic drinks


Absolut Vodka

3 Vodka

303 Vodka

Iceberg Vodka

Jazz Vodka

Smirnoff Vodka (Black, Blue, Red)

Skyy Vodka



Malibu Rum

Bacardi Rum

Matusalem Rum



Jack Daniel’s Black Label

Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack

Jack Daniel’s Green Label

Johnnie Walker


Three Olives Tequila

Tequila El Jimador

1800 Tequila

Azul Tequila

Gran Centenario Tequila


Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Belle Starr

Blue Stallion Maibock



Red Truck Wines

Vegan vine

For more vegan-friendly beers and vines check on barnivore.

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