How to make vegan chocolate donuts at home – Vegan donut recipe fried

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Vegan chocolate donuts

Vegan chocolate donuts at home are easy to make, healthy and delicious vegan recipe that everyone loves.


It comes about 10 units

400 gr of flour
1 pinch of salt
50 gr of melted vegetable margarine
50 gr of brown sugar
30 g of fresh yeast
200 ml unsweetened oat milk
Plentiful sunflower oil (to fry)

For the top of donuts:
5 bars of dark chocolate



In a large bowl put flour, crumbled dry yeast, sugar, salt, and mix, put margarine, Add the milk and knead until you get a compact dough that does not stick to your fingers.

Cover the dough with a rag and let it take an hour to increase up to 3 times its size, then we flour the work surface and stretch the dough to 1 cm thick, we are cutting the donuts with a large glass for the outer contour and a glass of shot for the inner hole.

It comes about 10 pieces, then in a frying pan we put plentiful of oil to fry, and we fry them little by little, they brown very fast so do not get lost. We put them to the kitchen paper to remove the excess oil.

In a saucepan we put melted chocolate, we put the donuts inside by one face and we transfer them to another plate and they are ready to eat.

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