Healthy alcoholic drinks – Which 5 low-calorie drinks to order at a bar

Healthy alcoholic drinks

Healthy alcoholic drinks with low caloric content, which provide vitamins or have positive effects on the body, as long as they are consumed in one or two glasses a day, so this is the top 5 healthy alcoholic drinks to order at a bar.

How To Choose Healthy Alcoholic Drinks at a bar – Top 5 Healthier Drinks to order


1. – BEER

It is rich in B vitamins, minerals and it has antibiotic, antimicrobial properties. Drinking 1 or 2 beers a day help reduce the risk of cancer or cardiovascular diseases.


Drinking one or two glasses of red wine a day will make you have much less risk of having a heart attack. It is also rich in antioxidants which prevent cancers, including breast cancer.


It has the same properties like a red vine. It contains less antioxidant, drinking one or two glasses of white wine a day, reduces blood pressure levels.


It is good for cardiovascular function, rich in antioxidants, drinking one or two glasses reduces the risk of heart disease.


This drink is low in carbon and has no calories. It can prevent certain types of cancer. It contains more ellagic acid than red wine; drinking one glass a day reduces the risk of having dementia. This is the top healthiest alcoholic drinks.

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