Quenepa fruit – Impressive Health Benefits of Eating Quenepas

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Nutrition and Health Benefits of Quenepa fruit

Quenepa fruit is one of the most exotic fruits in Puerto Rico, also known as mamoncillo, Spanish lime, limoncello, mammon fruit and many other names. Most people eat them fresh… but quenepa fruit is also great for juices, and desserts. It must be ripe because they contain toxins if are not ripe. If you can’t find them regularly then you can find them in Mexican and Asian markets.

Health Benefits of Quenepa Fruit

Reduces cholesterol

Prevents constipation

Helps sleep thanks to a large amount of tryptophan in quenepas.

Prevent Herpes

Lowers blood pressure

Helps with asthma because it contains resveratrol and caffeic acid to soothe asthma

Prevents the formation of urinary stones

High amount of calcium keeps teeth and bones healthy and strong

Anticancer properties

It boosts the Immune system

High amount of phosphorus helps to regulate hormones

Anti-diabetic fruit because some proteins in Quenepas can lower blood sugar levels.

How to eat quenepas fruit (video)

quenepa fruit
Nutritional Properties of Quenepa Fruit

Rich in vitamins C, B, and A, fibers, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, and iron, it also contains important nutrients such as niacin thiamine and riboflavin.

It contains antioxidants

Rich in tryptophan

It contains lysine that makes sure that calcium is absorbed.

Quenepa fruit - Impressive Health Benefits of Eating Quenepas

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