Foods High in Polyphenols – Polyphenol food list

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Foods High in Polyphenols

Foods High in Polyphenols; Polyphenols are bioactive chemicals present in various foods and are chemically characterized by having one or more hydroxyl groups attached to their phenolic rings, which helps to prevent the free radical damage in the body.

Numerous studies show that a diet rich in polyphenols, within the framework of a balanced diet, has numerous beneficial effects on health.

Health Benefits of Polyphenols

Anti-aging antioxidants.
Cardiovascular Prevention.
Regulate the immune system
They block enzymes related to estrogen synthesis.
Protectors against hepatotoxins.
Protectors against platelet aggregation.
Anti-infective effects.
They are Cancer protectors.


Consumption of antioxidants is associated with better cellular health, which implies a lower risk of disease. And among the great antioxidants, we find the famous polyphenols that can do so much for our cardiovascular health.

In the daily diet, 50-800 mg of polyphenols are ingested and it is believed that by overcoming this last value, we can reach an interesting level of antioxidants that exert positive action in the organism by neutralizing the oxygen free radicals. Among foods high in polyphenols we find:

Foods rich in polyphenols

Red and purple vegetables.
Green Tea.
Red wine.
Green peas.
Grapes are the richest.

Fresh vegetables and fruits contain higher levels of polyphenols.

Plants rich in polyphenols

Pine barks extract.
Grape seed extract.
Marian thistle.
Ginkgo biloba.
Taking a balanced diet, especially rich in fruits and vegetables, we can limit oxidative stress with the help of polyphenols.

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