Homemade Oat Milk – Simple & Easy Vegan Milk

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Vegan Milk? How to make oat milk at your home

This Raw Oat milk recipe is simple and easy to prepare also is vegan, dairy free and healthy, and a top of all you can make at your home.

Homemade Raw Oat Milk Recipe


Oats: water = 1:4
1 measure of Rolled Oats
4 measure of water
A pinch of sea salt
Optionally 1/4 vanilla sticks (or extracts)
If desired, brown sugar/barley sweet or sugar substitutes like maple syrup.

Oat Milk Preparation

One measure of oats, salt (+ optionally vanilla) into 2 measurements of water (for an hour, all night or without long soaking), put in a blender and mix for about 15 seconds. In a blender, we add the other 2 measures of water and let us have a few more moments at the highest speed. Then when is done, strain it through the sieve for several times.

The obtained milk is evaluated by the oatmeal and vanilla sticks. If desired to sweeten before slicing oat flakes or almost before using.


In a glass pan in the refrigerator, it should last for about a 5 days.


I use it in cocoa, coffee, with cakes, fruit fractions…

Great for preparing sauces due to thickening in cooking.

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