How to Build a Strong Immune System

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How to build a strong immune system

How to build a strong immune system; a healthy immune system gives us a strong defense against the flu or influenza caused by viral infections that we come into contact with daily and also against a large number of dangerous diseases.


How to Improve Immune System – 8 Tips for a Strong Immune System / Strong Health


1. Healthy weight

Being beyond our ideal weight is dangerous for our health and puts us at risk for coronary heart disease, cholesterol or diabetes, among many others. In addition, if we are overweight it is likely to be by eating poorly and not doing sports, something that greatly impairs the immune system.


2. Alcohol Intake

We agree that nothing happens to drink a beer a week, but alcohol can be a threat to the immune system when your intake is customary for lunches, afternoons and dinners.
When alcohol intake is high, the body is likely to be immunodeficient, as alcohol inhibits the immune system, disrupts sleep, affects hormone levels, and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.


3. Caffeine

Drinking a coffee a day is not bad, but too much caffeine can cause dehydration and deteriorate the immune system.


4. Stop smoking

Tobacco weakens the immune system, causes increased the risk of respiratory and heart disease and interferes with the oxygen levels that reach each part of our body. Stop smoking now!


5. Physical activity

It is evident that exercise strengthens our immune system, so it is recommended to avoid sedentarism and perform at least 3 hours of weekly exercises. During an exercise, the body loses electrolytes see what to eat after exercise Post Workout Foods


6. Sleep well

Restful sleep or deep sleep is essential to achieve a strong immune system, as it produces antibodies that defend the body.


7. Foods for Strong Immune System

It is estimated that 75% of our immune system support is in the digestive tract, therefore, the foods we consume have a direct impact on how strong or weak our immune system is. This is the “10 Power Foods for Strong Immune System” and Foods high in polyphenols.


8. Natural antibiotic to boost your immune system

Raw Golden Honey is a combination of turmeric and raw organic honey. Gold honey has no negative effects unless you are allergic to those ingredients.

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