The Best Vegan Carrot Cake Recipe

Delicious and Easy Vegan Carrot Cake Recipe

I love the carrot cake. This vegan carrot cake is very simple to prepare and the result is a very pleasant taste, with the aromatic touch of ginger and cinnamon. This is the Best vegan carrot cake recipe:


Vegan Carrot Cake Recipe


– 10 oz. of carrots

– 3 apples

– 10 oz. of whole spelled flour

– 1 oz. of yeast

– 6 oz. Sesame oil or sunflower

– 4 oz. of almond milk

– 2 tablespoons rice molasses

– 2 tablespoon raisins

– 1 tablespoon cinnamon powder

– 1 tablespoon grated ginger


The oven will have to be warmed up to 392F / 200º

Grate carrots, ginger, and apple.

Sift the flour with a strainer and mix well with the yeast and cinnamon powder.

On the other hand mix the liquid ingredients: almond milk, oil, and molasses.

The next step is to add the liquid ingredients to the flour mixture, little by a little while stirring to mix well.

Finally, we incorporate the carrot, the raisins, apple and grated ginger.

We take a mold for oven type bloom cake and we brush with oil.

Pour the mixture inside and bake at 356F / 180º for 40-45 minutes.

Bon appetite my vegans.


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