5 Good & Bad Foods for Prostate Health – Strong Prostate

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Foods for Prostate Health

Foods for Prostate Health; prostate cancer is one of the most common in men, and in the case of the United States affects one in six men. It originates when some prostate cells make a mutation and begin to multiply in an uncontrolled way. It can spread by giving rise to metastasis as it spreads through the lymph nodes and also into the bones.

All this can lead to erectile dysfunction, pain or difficult urination. If you do not have prostate cancer eating right foods can helps you achieve or maintain a good, strong and healthy prostate.


Good Foods for Prostate health



This substance is found in foods like tomatoes, red fruits, vegetables or watermelons. In addition to helping people with cancer, it avoids other diseases such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular type.


It is found in apples, capers, onions and other types of vegetables and fruits.


They contain quercetin, bioflavonoids that are non-nitrogenous vegetable pigments, and kaempferol, a natural antioxidant.


The element that speeds up the healing process of prostate cancer. It is found in nuts, whole grains, mushrooms or legumes.


Do not toxic in fair amounts. It reduces the chance of getting prostate cancer and another type of prostate cancer.


Good & Bad Foods for Prostate Health - Strong Prostate

Bad Foods for Prostate health


Alcohol, caffeine, and soda

You better forget about them. Generate an abnormal production of urine and can irritate the bladder.


Very spicy foods

They cause direct irritation in the gland of the prostate and bladder.


Organ meats

Meat high in saturated fat includes organ meats such as liver and kidneys, High-fat meats, ground beef, pork ribs, sausage, bacon, lamb, hot dogs.


Dairy products

High-fat dairy products high in saturated fat and related to increased risk of prostate cancer and fatal consequences of the disease. The high-fat dairy product includes whole milk, sour cream, sour cream, ice cream, and butter.


Salt and sugar levels

It is recommended to limit sugar levels and salt levels and increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables, which can help protect you from cancer and other problems.


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