Kombucha Nutrition Facts & Benefits

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Kombucha Nutrition & Health Benefits



Kombucha Nutrition; kombucha is a naturally acidic and refreshing fermented beverage that has been highly valued for its probiotic benefits over many generations. It is known by many names, some of them are Kvass of Tea, Fungus of Manchuria, and fungus of immortality. It is said that this millenary drink was originated in China during the Tsing dynasty, and was known as “the elixir of life“.


Kombucha Nutrition Info

Kombucha drink is unusual complexes of microorganisms (bacteria and yeasts) capable of a small number of components create an abundance of different nutritional and pharmacologically useful compounds. These are:

Glucose and fructose,
Vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, B15.
Folic acid
Gluconic acid
Fruit acids (citric, acetic, malonic, tartaric, oxalic)
14 amino acids

Kombucha Nutrition Facts & Benefits

Kombucha Nutrition Benefits for Health

1. Cures constipation and improves digestion

Kombucha is a probiotic that balances the natural intestinal flora while maintaining the benefits and cutting out harmful substances.
Suppresses the growth of a harmful bacterium and strengthen the immune system. After drinking Kombucha the same amount of water also will improve your digestion.


2. Pure liver

Kombucha has gluconic acid that cleanses and detox liver from toxins and heavy metals. It turns into a potent antifungal agent – caprylic acid, recommended by nutritionists for the candida treatment.

Kombuchine benefits for the liver are enhanced if you combining it with a snail.



Fermented foods and beverages naturally increase the body’s immunity. Our immune system depends on our intestinal health, and fermented foods provide the good bacteria our intestines need. In addition, Kombucha is rich in antioxidants, which help boost immunity.


4. Increases energy level

Kombucha gives energy because it contains powerful minerals and vitamins, also rebuilds the liver. If you drink after a workout, it will revitalize your body in a natural way. It increases the energy level.


Possible Side Effects of KOMBUCHA TEA

In the beginning of drinking tea from the kombucha, you might feel bad because of the detoxification process.

The main reason is not kombucha, but the harmful toxins your body exists. It is, therefore, necessary to drink tea in small quantities at first.

In a case of some side effects, reduce the intake of kombucha tea, and increase the amount after the symptoms disappear.

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