Japanese Quail Eggs – Cure For Many Diseases

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Japanese Quail Eggs

Japanese Quail Eggs are one of the most nutritive foods, ideal for children and are a part of diets wealthy in proteins, in addition, they are simply digestible and its protein properties are top quality, fundamental to have high defenses in our body.


Nutritional and Health Benefits of Japanese Quail Eggs


100 G of quail eggs contains 168 calories, 11 g of protein, 13 g of fat, 0.6 g of carbohydrates.

Inside the facts of Japanese quail eggs, we notice hill, which helps preserve memory, in addition to helping us to stop cardiovascular disease and stones within the gallbladder. Without forgetting that the lack of B-complex vitamin will block the growth of kids, it can even lead to brain issues and physiological condition in humans.

Studies show that the cholesterol contained in quail eggs will not raise the amount of cholesterol within the blood. Remember that saturated fats from foods and not cholesterol, dangerous for our health, and quail eggs contain very little saturated fats.

The nutritious in Japanese quail eggs are vitamin C, present in the buds. Eggs also have iron, a basic element in the formation of blood and helping to stop anemia.

Among its minerals, quail eggs provide iodine, which helps children’s growth and development.
They contain selenium, a powerful antioxidant to combat aging which enhances our defenses against any kind of diseases.
Older adults quail eggs help stop eye diseases and particularly prevent cataracts attributable to their nutritionary formula.

Japanese Quail Eggs - Cure For Many Diseases

Japanese Quail Eggs Can offer Health Defense in Following Diseases










Heart disease

Eye disease


Urinary system


Daily Dose of Japanese Quail Eggs

Quail eggs are bright spots in the dark shell. An egg weighs 10 to 12 eat eggs can be deep-fried, boiled, baked and raw. The number of eggs depends on the age of the person.

1 to 3 years aged could eat 1-2 pieces per day

3-10 years – 2-3 pieces

10-18 years – 4-5 pieces

18-50 years – 5-6 pieces

50-101 years – 4-5 pieces per day

Quail eggs should be eaten often, otherwise, the preventive and therapeutic effect cannot be. Expect that positive changes in the body should be only two weeks of normal and systematic reception of Japanese quail eggs.

Side Effects of Quail Eggs

Quail eggs have no contraindications, so they can eat kids safely without worrying about allergic reactions.


Storage of quail eggs

It can be kept for one month at a room temperature of 18-23 C, and in the refrigerator can be kept for two months.

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