How to Help Your Partner to Last Longer in Bed for Having Sex All Night Long

Help Your Partner to Last Longer in Bed

How to Help Your Partner Last Longer in Bed; these totally natural and safe tricks can help your man more easily control his orgasm and premature ejaculation, which will also allow you to get more pleasure and, why not, having sex all night long.


6 Tips How Your Man can Last Longer in Bed


1. Be up

Well, it says women go upstairs because if the man wants to control the orgasm must be down why? When the man is up he presses with his weight his penis and his body is tense, for him, the relationship is more pleasant and makes it end faster, is exactly what we do not want.


2. Help him to relax

Did you know that the tension in your legs and the pumps make your orgasm faster? As you penetrate, try to caress your legs and back to relax and speak to the ear to relax and last longer in bed.


3. Using a condom

Not only does it help you avoid unwanted pregnancies and prevent sexually transmitted diseases, it also helps to prolong the time of intercourse since the rubbing of your movements against your vagina is minor. Even if they tell you not to feel the same, you can tell him that with that will be a tiger in bed for longer.

How to Help Your Partner to Last Longer in Bed for Having Sex All Night Long

4. Exercising to control ejaculation

Exercising the muscles located in the pelvis also gives very satisfactory results to those who want to control the moment of ejaculation. Not only will avoid premature ejaculation but he will strengthen PC muscles.


5. Speed during sex

And remember that understanding and trusting with the couple is truly indispensable. Tell him to forget the speed in sex, and try to do everything relaxed and calm.


6. Sexual positions

Practice different sexual positions, each in a very short time, if you manage to carry out all the positions you know and even apply those you do not know; in this way, you will turn your sexual encounter into a completely pleasant moment.

The trick to applying them is that you should not take too long to perform each position, this way he will avoid premature ejaculation and even if you do not believe it, you will perform an unforgettable sexual encounter for your partner.

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