Strong Potion That Lowers High Triglycerides Naturally

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Strong Potion That Reduces High Triglycerides Fast

Strong Potion That Lowers High Triglycerides Naturally

This Strong Potion that lowers high triglycerides naturally is recommended to all of you who have problems with high triglycerides.
Too many seating in front of the monitor, uninterrupted television viewing, complete absence of sports activities and poor nutrition, are just some of the triggers for the formation of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

Triglycerides are more than dangerous to our health because they cause problems with blood circulation when due to numerous complications, clogging of the veins can lead to heart disease and stroke, and consequently even to death.

Strong Potion That Lowers High Triglycerides Naturally

Natural Potion of Lemon and Celery that Reduces High Triglycerides Fast

Learn how to make a natural potion of lemon and celery, which is proved to be very good for clearing the blood vessels of triglycerides and harmful fats.



10 Lemons

1 Parsley

Sticks of 2 celery

3 liters of Water



To make this natural remedy for High triglycerides, first wash the lemon in warm water, before which you surrendered the baking soda from the bag.

After you have washed the lemons, squeeze the lemons in the line and put it on the side, and then cut the bark from the lemons in to slices and put it in the pot, then chop the celery and Parsley, then put them in the pot and pour it all over with 3 liters of water, then cook for a further 2 hours, As long as both ingredients do not split fine.

After that, you should do a good strain of the liquid, and the Potion that remained in the sponge spills into clean jars or bottles. Then put the lemon juice that has been a squeeze, then close the jars or bottles well and put it in your refrigerator when is cooled.

Drink every day for 30ml, 30 minutes before each meal. Take 21 days of therapy and believe that you will surely be satisfied with the results. Make a triglyceride test before and after this 21-day therapy.

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