Normal Heart Rate by Age and Gender

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What is the Normal Heart Rate by Age and Gender

What is the normal heart rate by age and how can be measured? You can measure your pulse by gently pressing the inside of your wrist joint together with your fingers. The pulse felt within the fingers indicates the frequency with which the heart beats. The heart rate is expressed in beats per minute (lat/min).

The number of times your heart beats in one minute after you are at rest is named the resting heart rate (HRR). It is also called the normal pulse.

Normal Heart Rate by Age and Gender

Normal Heart Rate by gender


The resting heart rate for males is approximately 65 to 75 beats per minute

Resting Heart Rate Chart for women is approximately 70-80 beats per minute, during pregnancy to 85-90 beats.


Resting or Normal Heart Rate by Age


Age group                                  Resting heart rate (HRR)

– Babies up to 1 year                          100-160
– Children from 1 to 10 years              60-140
– Children over 10 and adults              60-100
– Well-trained athletes                         40-60


High heart rate is named tachycardia, while low heart rate is named bradycardia. Both indicate health complications.


People with health issues should consult their MD and physical educator to understand the right pulse or pulse range throughout the exercise. You should not believe heart rate chart by age. Anxiety, illness, use of medications can cause changes in the pulse.

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