Best Alternatives to Birth Control Pills

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Alternatives to Birth Control Pills – Best Options & Alternatives for Hormonal Contraceptives

Alternatives to Birth Control Pills; There are many reasons to not take contraceptive ways, however, most girls avoid them as a result of the hormonal masses they’ll generate health issues.

But the need to plan motherhood results in searching for different alternatives, therefore at we have a tendency to provide you with all the choices to find how to avoid pregnancies without the necessity to use any form of hormones.

Alternatives to Birth Control Pills

4 Best Alternatives to Contraceptive Pills


1. Male Condom

The condom is one among the foremost common contraceptive ways in the world, being the most wanted method used by men. It has no contraindications or side effects, although some individuals have an allergic reaction to latex, the material used to create the condom. For these allergic folks, there are condoms created with different materials, like polyurethane.

The condom, besides being an efficient technique of contraception, additionally serves to stop sexually transmitted diseases.
Also is one of the best alternatives to birth control pills.


2. Female Internal Condom

The female condom is a birth control device for girls. Additionally a barrier technique, that serves at the identical time as protection against STDs and maternity.

The female condom is currently made from organic compound rubber (previously polyurethane) and covers the complete membrane of the vagina, preventing the penis and its secretions from having direct contact with it.

Despite having a similar logic, the female preventative is much less fashionable than its male version most likely as a result of it’s not really easy to use and its effective rate is below the male condom.


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3. Diaphragm Birth Control

The diaphragm may be a female family planning consisting of a flexible silicone polymer dome with a bowl-shaped and bell-shaped side, which should be placed in front of the cervix. In general, the dome with the contraceptive device should be stuffed before introduction to extending its contraceptive impact.

There are many sizes of a diaphragm, and therefore the girl should find the most appropriate for the strategy to work satisfactorily. Once the lady fattens or slims considerably, the size of the diaphragm should be changed.

Unlike the female condom, the diaphragm doesn’t cowl the complete membrane of the channel and so isn’t a method to stop sexually transmitted diseases.

The diaphragm isn’t discarded after every sexual act. Once removed, it can be washed and used once more in different sex.

Like the female preventive, the diaphragm isn’t a really common contraceptive method, getting used by only one of sexually active ladies.


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4. Birth Control Sponge or vaginal sponge

The vaginal sponge is another barrier technique of family planning for ladies.

The logic behind the sponge is comparable to the diaphragm, which covers the doorway of the female internal reproductive organ, however, doesn’t defend the line of the vagina, not serving as protection for sexually transmitted diseases.

The contraceptive sponge could be a soft, device product of polyurethane and a handle to facilitate removal. The sponge already comes with the contraceptive device and should be wet before being inserted into the canal. It should only be removed after six hours of the last sexual activity and may stay within the vagina for up to thirty hours.

There’s no got to change the sponge if over one intercourse happens among twenty-four hours.

Note: Before attempting any of those alternatives to birth control pills for stopping pregnancy, we suggest you consult your medical specialist (gynecologist).

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