Golden Beets – Benefits, Nutrition & Recipe

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The Amazing Golden Beets

Golden beets, also known as yellow beets have a spherical root, yellow in color and a little sweeter than the beet twins. This makes many diners prefer it when it comes to preparing a salad or chips is a cultivable variety throughout the year.


Golden beets health benefits

Golden beets are good for cardiovascular health also promote intestinal transit and satiate the appetite, so it helps to lose weight. It also helps regulate blood pressure and prevents premature aging of cells with its antioxidant power.


Golden beets nutrition

The Golden beets also have high levels of iron, potassium, folic acid and are a good source of fiber, among others so we eat but are already being time to include it in your diet.

Golden Beets - Benefits, Nutrition & Recipe

Homemade Golden Beet Chips Recipe

Golden beet chips are a great snack, as well as a healthy substitute for potato chips.
A great appetizer that will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of beet at the same time you get rid of the damaging effects of typical potato chips, which cause weight gain and increased cholesterol levels.



4 medium beets
3 tablespoons of olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste



Cut golden beets into thin sheets. In a bowl, mix the already cut beets with two tablespoons of olive oil. Then season with salt and pepper to taste.

While preheating the oven to 220 ° C, place a sheet of parchment paper on the oven tray and place the beet, ensuring that the sheets are not left on top of each other. Bake the chips for about 20 minutes or until the beets are crunchy.

When you remove them from the oven, transfer them to a grid, where they will become crispier as they cool. And they are ready to eat! Bon appetite.

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