5 Power Foods for Colds and Flu – Immunity Foods

Immunity foods for colds and flu

Foods for Colds; who has never been infected by the flu or cold? This is often because of the low immunity of our organism. To strengthen your immune system and not stay in bed, healthy feeding becomes vital.


Spreading of colds and flu infections

Flu and cold are very common infections, and that they are easily transmissible from one person to another. In the cold, the patient has rubor, cough, and sneeze.

Avoid spreading the virus to different members of the family. Cover your mouth with a tissue whenever you a cough or sneeze, place the used tissue in a bag that you simply can keep closed.

Wash your hands constantly. • Medication, avoid self-medication. Continuously check with your doctor what you must take. Colds are typically caused by viruses and antibiotics aren’t the proper medication.

Foods for Colds and Flu

5 Immunity-Boosting Foods for Colds and flu


1. Ginger: it’s used to relieve the symptoms of respiratory disease, like congestion and also all joint pains derived from these processes.

2. Garlic: Plants originating in Central Asia to those anti-inflammatory properties are attributed. It will increase bronchial secretions; therefore, it’s medicament properties, disinfectants, and vital decongestants.

3. Astragalus: the healthful plant with properties to stimulate the production of lymphocytes that stimulates the body’s natural defenses. It additionally helps cut back the period of common colds. Additionally, it’s considered an adaptogenic plant that will increase the capability to regulate stress.

4. Propolis: a substance that’s obtained from bees and acts as a natural antibiotic to treat infections of the higher respiratory tract, otitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, bronchitis…

5. Royal jelly: the natural nutrient substance obtained from bees that gives energy and stimulates the nervous and immune system by increasing the proliferation of lymphocytes, i.e. defenses. It’s wealthy in vitamins of type B, C, D, and E, amino acids, mineral salts…

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