Signs You Have HIV – Warning of a possible infection

Human Immunological Disorder Virus (HIV)

Signs you have HIV! It is important to know the symptoms of HIV if the infection isn’t detected and treatment isn’t started, the immune system step by step weakens and AIDS develops.


What is HIV?

HIV (human immunological disorder virus) is the virus that causes AIDS. HIV attacks the system, destroying a sort of white blood cell that helps the body fight infection and illness. A medical check is the only positive way to confirm if you’ve got HIV. However, there are signs that may be a warning of a possible infection.


Symptoms and signs you have HIV


A dry cough: in step with statistics this is often the primary symptom that appears.

Fever: The fever is constant, presenting delicate but uninterrupted; around 38º C.

Tiredness: The immune system responds to the virus through an inflammatory reaction that interprets into constant fatigue.

Joint pain: an equivalent issue happens with the joints. The inflamed organism produces pain, stiffness, and discomfort within the joints of the full body.

Sweating: The night sweating is a symptom present in the hour of cases of HIV throughout the first signs you have HIV.

Yeast Infections: fungus sometimes attacks the mouth and close areas throughout a lot of advanced stages of the sickness.

Cognitive problems: Confusion or lack of concentration is associated with HIV.

A headache: a sore throat or tension headaches could also be signs you have HIV

Herpes: individuals with HIV are a lot of possibilities to get infections from viruses that cause cold or herpes simplex. They typically have a lot of frequent outbreaks, are more serious and last longer than traditional. The contagion is from person to person through contact with infected areas.

Pneumonia: in more advanced stages, once the immune system is already significantly weakened, it’s easier to induce respiratory disease.

Tingling: also little by little where the illness has already progressed, the patient might have prolonged tingling and lots of weakness within the hands and feet.

Menstrual Problems: In later stages, the infection causes irregular or intermittent menstrual cycles. There can also be a decrease in the quantity of period.

Abrupt weight loss: In advanced stages, the body begins to weaken and might not gain weight; on the contrary, he loses it simply.

Signs You Have HIV - Warning of a possible infection

How you can be infected with HIV

The infection of this virus is barely through body fluids like blood, semen, breast milk, vaginal discharge, liquid body substance, among others. The 3 main varieties of infection are:

Through unprotected sex.
Through contaminated blood with HIV.
A transmission from Mother-to-child.


HIV infection diagnosing

The check for testing HIV infection in a person is performed using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). It was done in a couple of hours and is incredibly sensitive to identify HIV-positive.


HIV Treatment

Because HIV perpetually mutates, it quickly becomes immune to any individual medication. Once resistance develops, the medication isn’t as effective and also the infectious agent load in the blood begins to rise once more.

To stop or slow the progression of resistance, the doctor can prescribe 3 completely different antiretroviral medication (combination therapy), though several of those therapies are presently accessible in a single pill. By attacking HIV in numerous ways in which, combination therapy achieves the best effect and reduces the probability of drug resistance developing.