Schizandra Berry Benefits – Amazing (Wu Wei Zi)

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Schizandra Berry Benefits for Health

What are the Schizandra berry benefits for health?. Schisandra berry is filled with advantages that have the potential to boost the cognitive issues of Lyme disease or different neurologic diseases.


The same name of Schisandra in Chinese, “Wu Wei Zi”, tells us plenty about the qualities of this herb. Wu Wei Zi means that “five fruit flavors.” because of the fact that Schisandra possesses the 5 of the classic “know” – sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty. In Chinese medicine, Schisandra tones the 3 treasures enter the twelve meridians and nourish the 5 components.

The 3 treasures are the 3 basic energies that represent life. The meridians are the channels of energy that flow through the body. The 5 components are the 5 energy states of nature – water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. In summary, Schisandra is a rare herb that may actually benefit all body functions and body organs.

Schizandra Berry Benefits - Amazing (Wu Wei Zi)

4 Health Benefits of Schizandra – Schizandra Berry Benefits


1. Improve Vision and Eye Health

Many human studies are conducted to review the results of Schisandra on vision and eye health. These studies have shown that Schisandra can support the vision, even broadening the field of vision, and might support hearing.


2. Protects Heart

Schizandra strengthens the heart and protects the vascular system.


3. Protects the Liver

Schisandra has been shown to strengthen and protect the liver. For this, the detoxification and rejuvenation of this important organ.


4. Supports Concentration, Memory, and Alertness

Schisandra is additionally used to support concentration, memory, and alertness. However, not like stimulants such as caffeine. 

Schisandra doesn’t produce nervousness. Schisandra will increase resistance and movement exactness, mental performance, and workability, and generates alterations in basal levels of nitric oxide and corticoid in blood and saliva.


Warning: This article isn’t meant to exchange medical advice or treatment. Please consult your primary healthcare provider before taking any herbal medication.

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