Sauerkraut Diet – Plan to Lose Six Pounds in Four Days

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Plan to Lose 6 Pounds in 4 Days With Sauerkraut Diet

What is Sauerkraut Diet? Sauerkraut is a German word meaning sour cabbage. Sauerkraut is finely chopped cabbage that has undergone a fermentation method by many lactic acid microorganisms, like Leuconostoc, Pediococcus, and eubacteria. A four-day diet that options sauerkraut aims to assist you to lose up to 6 pounds in four days whereas realizing the health advantages of this cabbage.


Sauerkraut diet plan:


Day 1

Non-fat cottage cheese (175) with watercress (60 grams);
A piece of bread.

Boil some sauerkraut (250 grams) of pork (100 grams) and apricots (3 pieces).

Pickled cabbage dish (200 grams), cucumber (2 pieces), radishes (3 pieces).
Combine yogurt (75 grams) and ground walnuts (1 teaspoon).


Day 2

Make a banana dish and a nonfat yogurt (150 grams), top with sprinkle with oat flakes (1 tablespoon).

Necessary to prepare a cabbage soup (250 grams), add the broth (150 ml), and pour the apple juice (50 ml).
Cabbage soup – boil for about 6-7 minutes.

Cabbage (200 grams);
Grilled salmon (200 grams) and sprinkle with lemon juice.


Day 3

Salad with fresh cheese (150 grams) and orange (1 piece) on top a salad sprinkled pumpkin seeds.

Pollock and fried cabbage (200 grams).

Potato pancakes (three tubers)
Cabbage salad in vinegar (100 grams) and grapes (four berries).


Day 4

2 pieces of bread made from bran.
Fresh cheese (50 grams) and 2 apples.

Grilled beef fillet (200 grams)
Cabbage (200 grams) and 1 lemon squeezed.

Cabbage (150 grams)
Tomato salad (2 big pieces)
Pork sliced (150 grams).


Eating sauerkraut is healthier as a result of it enhances its qualities with fermentation. There are proven health benefits of eating sour cabbage.

Sauerkraut Diet - Plan to Lose Six Pounds in Four Days

Health benefits of eating sauerkraut include:


  • It helps to balance the intestinal flora by the contribution of the positive bacterium for our health
  • Help to purify the body of toxin
  • Transports vitamin C to the body
  • Helps prevent organ infections
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • It helps you slim down
  • Help to prevent colds & flu
  • Help to treat anemia
  • Prevent sores in the mouth
  • Help to treat indigestion
  • Help to prevent cancer

Note: As with any diet, you should check with your doctor before starting the sauerkraut diet.


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