How to Treat Boils and Cysts with Turmeric Powder

Treatment of Boils and Cysts with Turmeric

How to treat boils & cysts at your home? Boils and cysts are typically a body covering bacterial infection that leads to a pocket of pus under the skin. Turmeric powder will reduce inflammation and will impede the reformation of the puss.

Through this mechanism, turmeric powder will help treat cysts and boils. Although there are a variety of prefabricated poultices and creams, creating your own cream of turmeric powder is fast and simple.

How to Treat Boils and Cysts

How to treat boils and cysts – Homemade treatment with turmeric powder

• Wash the affected space with soap.

• Rinse the affected space completely.

• Dry the affected space, but perform the following steps quickly whereas the skin continues to be softened by soap and water.

• Apply Turmeric powder cream to the area. Combine turmeric and water to create a cream, and apply it to the boil or cyst.

• Allow the turmeric powder cream to dry on the skin.

• Rinse the turmeric powder cream and wash the affected space.

How to Treat Boils and Cysts

• Wash the affected space carefully.

• Dry the affected space carefully.

• Repeat the previous steps till the boils or cysts have disappeared.

– Use a natural soap. Check that the soap is carefully rinsed off the skin as some soap can clog the pores. Use hot water to help relax and soften the skin to permit the turmeric powder cream to penetrate to the boil or cyst.


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