Shiatsu Self-Massage Technique for Stress and Beauty

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Shiatsu self-massage technique

What is Shiatsu self-massage?

Shiatsu self-massage is originally from Japan and descendant of the Chinese tradition, shiatsu is an ancient therapy that bases its advantages on achieving the proper channeling of important energy (Chi) through pressure.

After an exhausting day of work and activity, our face is incredibly tense. Shiatsu massage is one of the most effective choices that you will prefer to reduce the amount of stress and headache also relax your face. You do not need to be a professional to be able to do a shiatsu massage; actually, you can make shiatsu self-massage at your home.

You wondering how you can do it? here is the answer:

Shiatsu Self-Massage Technique
Step by step shiatsu self-massage technique for face

First relax the eyes: press a couple of seconds on the bridge of the nose to relax the whole space of the eyes; as well as on the final part of the eyelids.

– Avoid wrinkles below the eyes: press below the tear to stop the appearance of ugly wrinkles in the space of dark circles.

– Wrinkles around the mouth: press at an equivalent time on both sides of the nostrils at an identical time then do each on the edge of the center part of the higher lip and on the edge of the lower lip.

– The overall relaxation of the face: and in addition to focusing on certain points of our face, we are able to relax the complete head by pressing the temples while making circular movements.


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