Thyroid Health: 4 Habits That Can Affect Your Thyroid

Habits That Can Affect Your Thyroid Health

What are the Habits That Affect Your Thyroid Health? The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located in the neck, specifically in the upper part of the clavicle. It is so when you do not take a diet and a proper lifestyle could suffer from hypothyroidism, alterations and many thyroid problems. Therefore, below we tell you 4 habits that can affect your thyroid health.

4 Bad habits for your thyroid health

1.- Excessive caffeine consumption

Many people feel that they cannot start their day without having a cup of coffee, but when caffeine is abused, the body can start to suffer from thyroid problems.

2.- Alcohol

Consuming alcohol in excess alters the thyroid gland and can cause disorders such as hypothyroidism.
Alcohol is a depressant, it can cause the suppression of thyroid functions and as a consequence, the gland does not produce enough hormones.

This situation is worse in the case of medicated people who suffer from a deficient production of thyroid hormones because alcohol can interfere with the hormone replacement medication. However, alcohol also suppresses the functioning of a normal thyroid.

3.- Smoking

Cigarette smoke contains toxic substances such as thiocyanate, which can cause serious problems in the thyroid, especially in those who have some risk factor. For that stop smoke now!

4.- Stress

The endocrine system is sensitive to physical and emotional stress and, when these are very intense, can cause thyroid problems.

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