Serotonin Foods: 6 Foods that Boost Serotonin

6 Best foods that boost serotonin levels

Which are the best foods that boost serotonin levels; Serotonin is a neurochemical or brain chemical that’s concerned in several necessary functions of the body and is incredibly important in control of mood and sleep.

Serotonin has been the subject of a lot of studies recently as a result of the analysis, has shown that low levels of this brain chemical, can cause raised the incidence of aggressive behavior and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Serotonin Foods: 6 Foods that Boost Serotonin

6 Foods high in serotonin that can improve your mood

Some of these foods can help you lots if you wish to know how to raise serotonin levels in the brain.


1. Fish and seafood

Fish is one of the popular foods that boost serotonin levels, like wild salmon, sardines, and herring are wealthy in oils that contain the essential fats EPA and DHA. Each long chain fats are shown in trials as an answer to reduce mood swings from an emotional disorder and to scale back regular depression.

Although some studies show that high doses (about ten grams of EPA and DHA) are better, most trials show that the maximum advantages are only obtained with one gram of EPA and DHA per day.

If you consume these fish a couple of times per week you’ll be obtaining the required quantity of EPA and DHA to elevate your state of mind. These fish are wealthy in tryptophan, which is that the amino acid needed to build serotonin.


2. Proteins

Tryptophan is an important amino acid that’s present in numerous amounts in all high protein foods. This amino acid is the foundation for the neurochemical serotonin. Consuming a diet containing adequate amounts of protein is crucial to maintaining mood and wellbeing because without enough tryptophan your serotonin levels in the brain.
Turkey is one of the simplest foods to boost serotonin in the body.


3. Bananas

Red bananas or bananas are one of the foods that boost serotonin, amazingly wealthy in tryptophan and also contain carbohydrates, making them one of the most effective foods to boost serotonin. Banana conjointly helps to boost sleep quality and is wealthy in potassium and is excellent to be consumed in the post-workout diet.


4. Cherries

The production of melatonin is important to sleep well at nighttime. The lack of melatonin generates sleep disorder, which consequently generates stress and bad mood. This bad mood is because of the deficiency of serotonin in the body as a result of it is during the night that the substance is fixed up in the body.

For this reason, you must do your best to have a good night’s sleep, to induce the perfect levels of serotonin in the body and improve your mood; cherries could help during this process.


5. Eggs

Eggs are classified as foods that boost serotonin as a result of their excellent sources of omega 3, together with the long chain essential fatty acids EPA and DHA. These fats will help improve mood as they increase the amount of serotonin in the brain.
In addition, eggs are a superb supply of natural cholesterol.

A diet that includes foods rich in good cholesterol raises testosterone levels, which improves mood and also boosts serotonin levels. Healthy testosterone levels additionally influence muscle gain and fat loss.


6. Quenepa fruit

Tryptophan, that quenepa fruit contains a large quantity of, is an amino acid that’s crucial to correct function of the human body, according to Dr. Paul Haider article publicized in community.omtimes. com

Many kinds of research have shown that taking an even a little quantity of tryptophan before bed can induce sleepiness. It makes this by raising the levels of serotonin in the body.