What is the Difference Between Genital Warts and Pimples

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How to tell the difference between genital warts and pimples


Genital warts are caused by the genital human papillomavirus (HPV) and are transmitted through genital contact.

Genital warts are nearly always painless; however, the itchiness is incredibly common as a signal, particularly when several warts are placed together. Alternative symptoms of a rarer nature embrace burning sensations or warts themselves being sensitive to the touch.


The main distinction between genital wart vs pimple is that Warts don’t contain pus.

Women who have genital warts set within the vagina will have further symptoms like excess discharge, or pain and hurt during sex. For that, you need to know the symptoms or early stages of genital warts.

Ways to reduce your possibilities of getting HPV infections:

– Use condoms all the time and in the right way, however, HPV can infect areas that don’t seem to be covered by the condom, therefore condoms don’t totally protect against HPV.
– Limit quantity of sexual partners.


There is no way to know with certainty when you contracted HPV or who transmitted it to you. Genital warts can be transmitted by someone who has no visible signs of warts. Warts could appear weeks, months or maybe years after exposure, or they may never appear.


Cause of Pimples is an infection of the pores full of fat by the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes, or enlarged production of hormones that stimulate the sebaceous glands, particularly in the days near menstruation. It can be found in several places of the skin like pimples under breast


They can be terribly painful compared to genital warts. The friction of your clothes or because of skin rubbing in the sex organ area can increase the pain even more. Different notable pimple symptoms are crusting or reddened areas around pimples.

What is the difference between genital warts and Pimples?

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