What are the Signs of Lupus?

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Signs of Lupus in Woman

What is Lupus?

Lupus is a condition that we still don’t understand fully. Worldwide 1.5 million suffering from this disease, it’s a complex disease that affects a number of parts of the body but is best described as a disease that involves the body attacking itself.

Signs of Lupus

It can be life-threatening to some and relatively mild for others, affecting the skin, joints and the organs.

When a person suffers from lupus, their immune system will present an abnormal activity so it will attack and affect all healthy cells and tissues of the body, producing inflammation.

Although there is no cure for this disease, it can be constantly reduced and mitigated by appropriate treatment.


Who is on the risk of lupus?

Lupus occurs in a young woman between 20 and 45 years of age, although it is possible from 5 to 60+ ages.

Signs of Lupus

Because of this variety of lupus subtypes, the symptoms will vary from one to the other. However, the most common symptoms and signs of lupus are:

Extreme fatigue
Joint pain and Swelling
Facial erythema
Chest pain
Hair loss
Sensitivity to sun rays
Inflammation of Kidneys
Bluish fingertips: A Restriction of blood flow to the fingers causes them to turn blue
A headache
Oral ulcers

Signs of Lupus


It is necessary to protect yourself from this disease if you believe that you are in the risk group of people.

First, you need to change your lifestyle.

Protect yourself from the sun, not only with a cream with a protective factor but also with a covering on the skin.

Find a time to rest, whether you take a nap, or read some book.

It is important to do gentle exercises like Yoga.

Avoid stress as much as possible.

Do not take oral contraceptives (pill) or hormone replacement therapy. Any of these treatments that manipulate sex hormone levels can cause reactivation or worsen symptoms.

Difference Between Lupus and Fibromyalgia


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