How to Get Rid of Vaginal Smell

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Simple Way of How to get rid of vaginal smell

Vaginal odor or vaginal smell is a common problem among women and is simply an unpleasant odor that comes out of the vagina. It can be caused by a microorganism or yeast infection, a sexually transmitted disease and even a lack of hygiene. The vaginal smell can be extremely embarrassing; therefore it’s necessary to treat it.

How to get rid of vaginal smell


Why does my vagina smell? These are the most common causes that cause vaginal smell/odor.

Poor hygiene
Genital herpes
Tight clothes
Use of douching
Use of perfumed soaps
A yeast infection
Consumption of sugary foods
Bacterial vaginosis
Pelvic inflammatory disease
Sexually transmitted diseases



The vaginal smell is accompanied by the following symptoms:

-Smell of fish or iron
-Itching in the vagina

How to get rid of vaginal smell with yogurt

Yogurt is a superb natural remedy for vaginal odor, it’s naturally wealthy in lactobacilli, that healthy bacterium that not only releases the abdomen from an infection but also reduces fungal infection in the vagina.

The lactobacillus helps in the restoration of the normal level of vaginal pH, eliminating the unhealthy smell. Therefore begin consumption plain yogurt without sugar each day, up to 2 cups. You can also use it in alternative ways to get eliminate your discomfort.

Eat yogurt daily: this can be the most effective way to use yogurt, not just for the elimination of vaginal odors but also for your overall health. Simply make sure to use organic yogurt, without flavor or sugar. Sugared yogurt will really increase your problems by promoting yeast infection.

If you’re planning to get probiotic yogurt, check whether it contains lactobacilli or not, as these are the healthy bacterium which will help eliminate the bad smell. Consume a minimum of two cups of yogurt daily.

Apply yogurt to the vagina:

Take ¼ cup of yogurt.
Dip a cotton pad in the yogurt and soak it well.
Now take away the cotton from the yogurt and apply it to the channel gently rubbing.
Let it act for a few time, wash with water and dry.
Repeat this procedure 3 or four times each day.

-Alternatively, a tampon can be soaked in the plain yogurt and inserted into the vagina, leaving it there for a few time before removing it. Then the area should be washed with running water.

Take precautions: If you’re allergic to the dairy product, don’t use yogurt to get eliminate vaginal odor.

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