Difference between Phobia and Fear

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The Difference between Phobia and Fear

What is the difference between phobia and fear? In phobias there’s fear, however phobia and fear aren’t the same, and how are they different? In another blog article, we talked about the weird phobia, phobia of holes or fear of holes called trypophobia. Today we tell you more about the difference between phobia and fear.

Difference between Phobia and Fear

Phobia/Fear – Differences

Fear is one of the 5 basic emotions of the individual (love, sadness, anger, fear, and joy). It feels frightened for a typically short time and because something is happening that creates us feels threatened. For example: if we are walking at midnight and we hear some noise behind us, or when watching a horror movie. This feeling appears and disappears quickly.

Fear from an evolutionary perspective has protected the human being from predators being helpful for survival. The worry is a normal and universal, necessary and adjective feeling that we all experience once faced with certain stimuli both real and unreal.

Most will be passengers and will not represent any problem, they’re going to appear and disappear depending on the age and psychoneurological development.

These fears, through learning, are going to be very helpful on many occasions since they can help to deal adequately and adaptively to troublesome, difficult, dangerous or threatening situations that may arise throughout life.


However, fear also can be a negative emotion as a result of it influences decision-making. Completely different studies have shown that individuals who create choices based on fear amplify or maximize risks, as opposed to optimistic people that tend to reduce risks.

Someone who is dominated by fear might not act, for instance on work or different problems, and not having the ability to create decisions this will take its toll.

Contrary to phobias, fear seems to be irrational or excessive; there need not be a real threat. Additionally, in phobias, the fear that the person feels lasts for a long time, it’s not one thing quick or momentary as typically happens. there’s even ‘anticipatory fear or anxiety

Once the person feels fear in advance simply remembering a situation he fears, like being inside a mall if he has a phobia or if he has got to speak in public if he suffers from social phobia.

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The key to distinguishing the fear of a phobia, is that for example, someone who don’t want holes and have trypophobia, it would produce a reaction of disgust and fear. However, a person suffering from trypophobia affects him so much that he can have a panic reaction, sweating, palpitations, shortness of breath.


The person with trypophobia will not forget the situation as it could happen with any of us, he will feel anguish and will avoid even going through certain places if he thinks there is a treat to see some holes.

You may even end up not wanting to go to certain places for your fear of holes. In other words, phobia interferes with your life in an important way.

source: webmd.com

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